30-cm imagery from a new Jilin satellite becomes commercially available


30-cm resolution imagery from the new Jilin satellite JL-1GF04A that was launched on 30th April 2022, is now available for order through Geocento!

JL-1GF04A captures imagery at 30-cm panchromatic and 1.2-meter multispectral resolution with a 15-km swath width and a revisit time of 5 days. The satellite is a part of Jilin-1 constellation, one of the largest sub-meter constellations in orbit which currently includes 54 satellites and can revisit any spot on Earth 17 to 20 times a day, providing more remote sensing data and product services for use in sectors including agriculture, forestry, oceans, environmental protection, urban construction, and scientific experiments.

The first few images were taken a few hours after launch displaying the imaging capabilities over multiple areas in Namibia and Argentina.

Sample 1. Estadio Presidente Peron, Buenos Aires, Argentina © 2022. HEAD Aerospace Group

Sample 2. Central Puerto Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
© 2022. HEAD Aerospace Group

In the coming weeks, data from the new JL-1GF04A will be added to our vast imagery portfolio on EarthImages marketplace. EarthImages allows you to access off-the-shelf imagery all in one place with the added benefit or an intuitive user interface for inexperienced users and advanced tools for geospatial professionals. The search and ordering process is very simple and you can add the imagery to your basket in just one click and receive your imagery directly to your laptop or desktop.

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Sample 3. Walvis Bay Namibia
© 2022. HEAD Aerospace Group

Sample 4. Walvis Bay Namibia
© 2022. HEAD Aerospace Group